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Breakfast Club

Greenacres Primary School operates the Breakfast Club to provide children with a nutritious and structured start to the day. We provide an informal learning environment that is enjoyable and develops self-esteem. All children from Reception Class up to Year 6 are welcome. Breakfast Club now starts from 7:30 or 8:00.


7:30 until the start of the school day will cost £3.00

8:00 till the start of the school day will cost £2.00

Payments for Breakfast Club must be made via MCAS

Important Notice:

We are lucky enough to have a very well attended Breakfast Club here at Greenacres, run by enthusiastic and dedicated staff. Over recent months, updates to payment systems and morning learning clubs have highlighted areas for improvement. As a result, we will be making changes to the systems we have in place to ensure that Breakfast Club can continue to run efficiently and smoothly:

Book in the day before

If you wish your child(ren) to attend Breakfast Club on any particular day, you must sign them into Breakfast Club by paying through MCAS the day before you wish your child to attend, e.g. if you wish your child to attend on Tuesday, they must be booked in through MCAS by 3.30pm on Monday, the day before. This is to allow our staff to print off the register before the close of day, ready for the early Tuesday morning start. This will ensure that our Breakfast Club staff have accurate records of who is expected and can cater for accurate numbers.

Early learning clubs

If we have invited your child to an early morning learning club, and if this invitation includes Breakfast Club, you do not need to book your child in, the school will do this for you. Please note that your child will be on the Breakfast Club register and the Breakfast Club staff will be catering for your child.

Missed the booking deadline?

If you miss the deadline for booking your child in, please do not take your child to Breakfast Club. If there is an issue with MCAS that prevents you from being able to book, please speak to our office staff as soon as possible and they will do all they can to help.

Signing the register

It will now be the parents’ responsibility to sign your child(ren) in to Breakfast Club. This is a very important Health and Safety issue and must be adhered to, due to fire regulations and safe guarding. Please do not leave your children at the door before signing them in.


We will be monitoring these systems very closely to ensure a smooth transition; if there are any issues, please speak to a member of leadership at your earliest convenience. We will do all we can to work with you to ensure your children are safe and well cared for at all points throughout the day and we appreciate your understanding and support as we streamline our systems, to ensure efficiency and clarity for all.