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What is Developmental Language Disorder?


Children with Developmental Language Disorders are usually as able and healthy as other children in all ways, with one exception; they have enormous difficulty talking and understanding language. Children with Developmental Language Disorders often have specific and individual needs.

They may:

  • Have difficulty saying what they want to, even though they have ideas
  • Talk in sentences but be difficult to understand
  • Sound muddled; it can be difficult to follow what they are saying
  • Find it difficult to understand words and long instructions
  • Have difficulty remembering the words they want to say
  • Find it hard to join in and follow what is going on in the playground
  • Find it difficult for concentrate for similar lengths of time to their peers
  • Find social interaction challenging
  • Have difficulty with keeping still and are often fidgety or restless - they find it hard to sit still and be calm
  • Have low levels of confidence and can get anxious or upset easily

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