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Roman Exhibition


Thursday 9th February 2017 saw the culmination of two half terms worth of exciting learning for Yellow and Indigo Class, when a Roman solider took over Greenacres for an engaging and inspiring workshop.

Throughout the first part of the morning, parents of the children were able to not only participate in the activities led by our Roman solider, but also explore the wide variety of learning both classes had completed over the past few months.

Both classes began their Roman topic by looking at the origin of Rome through the story of Romulus and Remus. This enabled the children to take part in drama-based activities; role-playing the various characters in the story to gain a greater understanding. As a result, the storyboards of the event created by the children in both classes provided great depth and detail for all that read them. Following this, children looked at mosaic style art that was commonly used by the Romans and were able to produce their own designs and outcomes.

Yellow Class focused a lot of their learning around the prominent figure of Boudicca, writing newspaper reports about her revolt against the Romans as well as producing adventure stories based around Boudicca as the main character. Chants of, “Boudicca! Boudicca!’ could often be heard streaming down the corridor as children imagined themselves in the heart of the battle…

While Yellow Class focused on the figure of Boudicca, Indigo class investigated a variety of Roman myths and legends. Through completing their own research, the children were able to re-imagine Roman myths in their own writing. The parents at the exhibition were blown away by the standard of writing in both classes.

During the exhibition, the children were able to showcase to their parents their knowledge of Roman Numerals. The pictures displayed around the hall showed all of the children’s dates of birth in Roman Numerals, with the children able to explain what each symbol represents and even helping the adults in the room to find their own Roman Numeral birth date!

After having the opportunity to show off their learning, the children had the rest of the day to participate in a range of activities put on by our Roman guest. In the morning, he shared some fascinating stories about the Romans, telling tales of Roman life, famous leaders, myths and legends as well as exhilarating, dangerous battles. All children were led onto the playground to create the famous Roman tortoise battle formation. This then led into an activity where the children role-played a battle, using the spears and shields provided by the soldier. No children were hurt in the making of this exhibition. Our most enthusiastic Roman learners accompanied him to the lunch hall and had the opportunity to ask him non-stop questions about Roman life: an experience they will certainly never forget.