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The Rough Guide to Greenwich

A Rough Guide to Greenwich’ has been launched! Last term, Years 5 and 6 worked hard to produce a high-quality, professional, magazine all about Greenwich. The magazine took a phenomenal effort to design, produce and launch; it was an unforgettable experience for all!

The journey began with all Year 5 and 6 children planning what they were going to put in the Magazine. We decided what would be important in a magazine informing people about Greenwich. Following this, we began our research into key destinations in Greenwich and wrote some extensive reports. One of the most important tasks to undertake, during the project, was to visit Greenwich alongside our co-authors at Brooklands Primary School. In January, both schools met at the world-famous ‘General Wolfe’ statue. Standing before us, was the awe-inspiring view across London. It was a magical way to start our joint information-gathering tour of Greenwich.

Alongside Brooklands, we toured Greenwich Park and took in the most attractive parts of the park to those who may want to visit in the future. We also took the opportunity to go and visit The Maritime Museum. Going on this joint trip gave us the chance to discover the wonders of Greenwich, which would inform our work in the classroom and contribute to the Guide!

Therefore, within the magazine, you will find reports on key landmarks, reviews of restaurants and historic venues, alongside a lot more!

Year 5 and 6 launched the magazine in stylish fashion. All children had a role to play in showing parents how we made the magazine, the process we had to go through and showing off all their hard work. Guides, tourist information and stall holders showed their guests around an exhibition, which demonstrated the hard work, with confidence and a real sense of pride. It really was a special event, helping us to launch ‘The Rough Guide to Greenwich’ in a memorable, breath-taking, way. We had a lot of fun producing our Guide. All the children in Year 5 and 6 can be very proud of themselves for producing something of such a high quality, whilst showing phenomenal maturity throughout. Well done everyone!

“I like taking pictures of people and showing off our Magazine.” – Paul

“I loved the interviews with the different authors because they were interesting and entertaining to watch.” – Daniel

“I really enjoyed taking a picture with my Mum and Dad, whilst I loved signing other people’s magazines – it made me feel like a professional author.” – Matthew

“I found running the ‘Royal Observatory Stall’, and listening to the speeches, really interesting.” – Louie

“I really enjoyed having fun with my friends whilst celebrating our learning during the launch.” – Amy