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Our Local Academy Council

Our Parent and Staff Councillors are elected, the Headteacher has a standing post,      co-opted Councillors are nominated and approved by the board, and Trust appointed Councillors are appointed by Maritime Academy Trust's Board of Trustees. Terms last for 4 years at a time. All Councillors have signed a Register of Interests to indicate whether they have a potential conflict of interest, and there are none other than as recorded.



Please click here for the Maritime Academy Trust's Scheme of Delegation 

Please click here for the Attendance record for Greenacres 2021-2022 Attendance Record for Greenacres 2021-2022


Greenacres Primary School Local Academy Council Membership

website update lac attendance declaration of interests greenacres primary school language impaired unit september 2022 to july 2023 docx.pdf






Attendance Record for Greenacres Primary School 2020- 2021

Contact Details:

C/o Greenacres Primary School, Witherston Way, SE9 3JN