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The Team  

Roles and Responsibilities

September, 2020

Senior Leadership 

Mr D Marsh  Co-Headteacher 

Mrs J Wilkinson-Tabi  Co-Headteacher 

Mrs K Garrett  Deputy Headteacher and English Lead

Mrs S Armstrong  Deputy Headteacher and Maths Lead


Mrs R Ottley  Inclusion Lead and SENDCo (0.6)  Speech Bubble Lead

Ms E Hughes  Early Years’ Lead (0.6) – Two Year Old Room – F.S.2


Nursery: Fig Tree Class - Ms A Cobb and Ms V Warren

FS1: Cherry Tree Class - Ms E Hughes and Ms C Gan

FS2: Hazel Tree Class – Miss L Roberts 

Y1: Elder Tree Class – Miss L Brown  

Y2: Willow Tree Class – Miss N Biring-Rai  P.T.A. and Art Club Lead

Y3: Maple Tree Class – Ms L Grant

Y4: Aspen Tree Class – Miss C Darbourne  Humanities Lead

Y5: Sycamore Tree Class – Mr E Campta  Science Lead

Y6: Oak Tree Class – Mr J Croucher  Computer and e-Safety Lead

Mrs P Martinez P.E.


The Team

Roles and Responsibilities

September, 2020

The Speech Bubble Designated Specialist Provision for children with diagnosed developmental language disorders (D.L.D.)

Ms K Samuel  Specialist Resource Teacher 

Mrs W Goodchild  Specialist Resource Teacher