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At Greenacres, we teach reading using a phonics only approach.  Children are taught phonics in a consistent, recognised approach using The Little Wandle Letters and Sounds systematic synthetic phonics scheme (S.S.P.) from Foundation Stage 2 .

To begin with, children read 1:1 daily with an adult but most rapidly progress to reading in small groups of 2 or 3 children by the Spring Term.  These are called practice sessions and happen 3 times a week.  In all reading opportunities, children are applying their phonic knowledge.  Any child who is falling behind, at any point, will receive, 'Keep up; catch up sessions,' to ensure the gap does not widen between them and their peers.

By the end of Year 1, it is our aim that all children pass their Phase 5 Phonics Check ensuring they are fluent readers and can pursue their love of reading.

All writing experiences are opportunities for our children to practice the application of phonics.

Phonics is at core of the Greenacres curriculum. In order for your child to succeed, we suggest that you use these resources to support essential home learning. It is really important that when you are reading and writing with your child home, that you use the correct sounds.

RENAissance acclerated reader Y2 -6

From Year 2, we use Renaissance Accelerated Reader to ensure all children are reading books within their reading zones of proximal development (ZDP).  We assess children every half term using the Rigby Stars Assessments to validate teacher assessment and children complete quizzes at the end of each book they read to track progress.  In addition, we explicitly teach reading using proven strategies (see Reading Policy below).  We recognise that the ability to read opens the door to the wider curriculum and deeper learning throughout life.


Phonics and Early Reading Policy

Reading Policy (whole school)

Resources for Parents and Carers

Volunteer Readers Training

(This includes video links for how to say the sounds)



Our successes in writing at Greenacres are born out of its stimulus stemming  out of our wider curriculum.  All writing outcomes are underpinned with word, sentence and text level expectations.  Children are exposed to a wide range of writing types and genres to ensure they are able to write extensively using their knowledge from other subject to make their outcomes meaningful.

Explicit modelling and impactful scaffolding within an environment which supports universal provision ensures all children are successful.


Writing Policy

Handwriting Policy