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What We're Up To:

Turquoise class have had a mind-blowing Autumn Term! We have been busy working hard to be the best that we can be and have consistently proved just how ‘AMAZING’ we all are. We began this year doing just that. It was a whirlwind first two weeks: we wrote fascinating auto-biographies, about just why we are so amazing; made self-portraits, using oil pastels; and created 3D hands, all of which can be seen in our eye-catching entrance way!






It wasn’t long before we embarked on our first outing of the year: to the National Gallery. Having looked around the famous landmarks situated next to ‘The National Gallery’ (such as Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, 10 Downing Street and The Houses of Parliament), we had an awe-inspiring tour of the Gallery. Our tour guide taught us so much about the historical background behind a selection of paintings.




Back on home soil, we have made ‘mocktails’ to help us to gain a clear understanding of how to accurately weigh and measure capacities. We split into teams and created our own concoctions, which were then judged by our three ‘smoothie connoisseurs’: Mr Armson, Mrs Varney and Mrs Heartfield. After a close competition, and some very accurate measuring, one time became victorious and took home the mocktail champion prize: pride! We have also made Turkish Delight, linked to our theme of ‘Narnia’. However, we think we need to refine our techniques with this recipe, as the result was not quite how Edmund received it from ‘The White Witch’!


In our English work, we have delved into the magical world of Narnia, and created new worlds of our own through our creative writing. As authors ourselves, we are proud of the writing we have produced this term. Exploring different stories has inspired us to write our own versions with added impact and made them much more powerful to read: look out for our stories on the shelves of your local book shops, coming soon!

Another highlight of this term has been our visit to ‘The Painted Hall’ in Greenwich. We became ‘ceiling investigators’ and were given a once-in-a-lifetime experience to go up to the roof of this historic building. We had the opportunity to get up close to the paintings on the ceiling, that hadn’t been touched for 500 years. Following this remarkable experience, we had the chance to go and play ‘skittles’, an old-fashioned version of ‘Ten-pin bowling’, which sailors used to use for entertainment as their ships lay in port. Everyone had a go;

Mr Armson was particularly proud of his throw down the alley! The day didn’t end there; many of us had the chance to show off our acting skills, by bringing the story of the Greek gods to life in 2017. It was a jam-packed day, filled with unforgettable experiences!

Overall, we have worked really hard this term in Turquoise class! When the hard work pays off, it is worth it. We can’t wait to achieve even more in Spring and create more magical memories as a class.

Have a wonderful, peaceful and happy Christmas!

From Turquoise Class