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Welcome to Year 6

Year 6 at Greenacres is called Oak Tree Class, and we are taught by Mr Croucher. 

Our learning is interconnected, if appropriate, meaning each term we interconnect some subjects to support reading, writing and wider curriculum.  By learning in this way, we deepen our understanding, become critical thinkers, and develop both knowledge and skills in key areas.  Learning is subject specific.  If interconnections are not appropriate, subjects are taught discretely.

At Greenacres, all our learning have elements of the same overarching threads of:

Character – personal qualities including identity, acceptance, resilience, perseverance, coping strategies and mental strength

Communication – purposeful speaking and listening to enable collaboration

Collaboration –to work together for a shared end goal, to solve a problem or work towards a shared understanding/outcome

Creativity – to problem solve by thinking of ideas which are original and serve a purpose using what is known 

Critical Thinking – to use what is known to think precisely in order to find a solution.  This will involve critical questioning

Citizenship – to develop a sense of a place within the community, city, nation or world and recognise a commitment to it.

Learning in Year 6 includes:

  • Narnia
  • Mighty Monarchs
  • Amazon Adventures
  • Operation Gadgetman
  • Suspects
  • Lights Out

All our themes give us the opportunity to acquire new knowledge, develop our skill-sets, apply our Greenacres Values and develop our 6Cs: Character, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Citizenship. Our learning in school is built around these areas and linked in with a class read. We love sharing what we have learnt in school, although learning also happens outside the classroom; our homework and wider reading opportunities are one way this happens. It is important to us that we are always learners whether we are in school, at home, or out and about in the world. Events we look forward to are our Big Outcomes where we welcome parents and visitors into school to share in our learning with us; this is one of the times you will see our 6Cs in action! 

In Year 6, we continue to follow The 'No Nonsense,' Spelling scheme to ensure full coverage and consistency of approach.

We use the Accelerated Read Scheme to ensure we are reading a book within our zone of proximal development (Z.P.D.)



We start our learning this year with the teaching sequenced with subjects interconnected with Narnia. 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe,' is our class read and we use this as a stimulus for our writing, including stories, newspaper reports and persuasive letters. Our interconnected learning includes learning about New Zealand which we compare to our locality and develop our understanding of the differences between seasons and time in the southern hemisphere. We recall and build upon previous learning about animals and habitats looking at how animals have adapted and evolved, in particular looking at marsupials.  We recall learning from Year 3 about fossils to build upon with new knowledge about evolution. Our art skillset is developed by producing artwork based on animals in the style of Pablo Picasso and Franc Marc.

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Mighty Monarchs

Our second teaching sequence of the year is Mighty Monarchs which focuses our learning on the changing role of the monarch, looking at key historic events and their significance, specifically on the reduction of the monarch's powers. Our class read is, 'Animal Farm,' where we explore the subjects raised linking them back to ruling power and produce biographies, poetry and discussion. In art, we produce clay sculptures of Monarchs' heads, applying skills learnt in previous years, focusing on learning about different textures and processes. We continue to develop our web of knowledge about the human body, from Year 4 we recall learning on the digestive system and move onto look at the circulatory system. 

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Amazon Adventures

This teaching sequence builds upon prior learning on South America, rainforest and Rivers, supporting us with developing our webs of knowledge in these areas. Our class read is, 'Journey to The River Sea,' which we use to write stories, poetry and information reports. Our geography knowledge is developed as we learn about the physical features of the landscape of South America including the rivers and rainforest. Our art focus is on producing prints of leaves and plants in the style of Frida Kahlo and developing our sketching skills. In science, we return to electricity and look at equity and experiments on compound and more advanced circuits.

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Infrastructures - Built to Last?

Our teaching sequence in Term 4 has a science and design and technology driver where we become inventors. Our class read is, 'Operation Gadgetman,' which inspires us to write explanations, instructions and diaries. We continue to develop our web of knowledge on electricity and circuits through experiments and enquiry. History is an interconnected subject with a focus on understanding  how technological advancement during the Industrial Revolution (particularly with the development of railway networks and the increased spending power of middle-class Victorians).  This interweaves with  design and technology where we look at inventions which use both electricity and hydraulics to create a gadget or toy. Our art work is inspired by Victorian town planner Patrick Abercromie. We are incredibly creative and inventive in this teaching sequence. 


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This teaching sequence is underpinned by the class reads, 'The Highway Man,' and, 'The Landlady,' which we use to write suspense stories, play scripts and poetry. In history, we learn the chronological order of crime and punishment, recalling learning from ancient civilisations already studied.  We also learn about the period the Highway Man is set and the geography focuses on mapping the coastline and looking at OS maps and aerial photographs. In science, we recall and review our learning from the year and previous years, ensuring that we are knowledgeable in all areas. Our art focus links in with R.E. through using different sketching techniques to produce sketches inspired by Hinduism. 

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Lights Out

Our final teaching sequence of the year, and sadly Greenacres, is Lights Out. We explore the text, 'The Boy In The Stripped Pyjamas,' and produce formal writing, extended narrative and discussion texts. This learning supports transition as we prepare ourselves for the next stage of our learning at secondary school. 

Some subjects interconnect and others are taught discretely.  The concept of light is interwoven throughout the teaching sequence with The Battle of Britain completing our history chronological timeline.



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We know that this learning will continue at home too. To support learning in school, please test our knowledge by asking us questions. We will do a quiz at the end of every teaching sequence recalling our knowledge to support longer term memory recall.