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Welcome to Greenacres Primary School

At Greenacres, we pride ourselves on being a friendly, inclusive school with a positive ethos towards children, parents, carers and staff. We believe that, together, we will succeed.

We have the highest of expectations for achievement and behaviour for all. Children enter the school at different starting points; through supporting, developing and educating the whole child, they make good progress and leave ready for the next stage in their learning.

We are always seeking innovative ways of engaging children in learning experiences that motivate and entice them to deepen their understanding, and develop a lifelong love of learning. Our curriculum engages children and enables knowledge acquisition. It is also balanced with life and functional skills which span beyond the curriculum, preparing our children for the next stage of their education.

The 6Cs underpin everything we do: collaboration, communication, citizenship, character, critical thinking and creativity, as we believe these are the attributes which will lead our children to longer term success. We embrace cognitive strategies which have been carefully adopted to enable our children to become self-regulated learners.  We believe our role is to instill confidence in all, ensuring the creation of 21st Century learners.

We have a strong set of values. Our core values of unity, respect, acceptance, freedom and aspiration are at the heart of ‘Team Greenacres’ and are central to our curriculum.  We want our values and love of learning to prepare children for society and later life.

The success of our approach to learning, entwined with a core set of values, can be seen in the enjoyment on the children’s faces, in their outcomes and through the dedication of the staff and the relationships we foster.